Today in the city Joliet 23.05.2017
Joliet Central Students Build Prosthetic Hand for Boy, 11

Students at a suburban Chicago high school have built a prosthetic hand for an 11-year-old who lost the fingers on his right hand in a firework accident.

The Best British Shows You Should Be Watching

The British are coming — and you're de-freaking-lighted.Tell us if this sounds familiar: Sunday nights are reserved not for football or the latest Game of Thrones or Homeland or whatever show everyone...

5 things you should remember if you're a young boss with older employees

Managing a team can be a challenge for everyone. If you're young and it's your first time in a management role, it can be even more so. You are likely to be in charge of people who have a range of dif...

January is 'divorce month' — a lawyer breaks down the top signs a marriage is about to dissolve

It's divorce season.  The antithesis to December's engagement season, divorce filings begin to spike in January, peaking in February and March. But it's not the gloomy weather that does couples i...

We Finally Have Our First Look At Rachel Bilson In Nashville

Nashville is getting a slew of new faces. But one in particular is going to look pretty familiar to longtime fans of soapy TV.Back in March, the show announced that Rachel Bilson would be joining its...

Understanding J&J's Risk From New FDA Label Warning For Invokana

Earlier this week, THE FDA gave a jolt to Johnson & Johnson‘s diabetes business when it concluded that J&J must include a label warning that patients using its diabetes drug Invokana are at a higher r...

Kochs unveil campaign to 'jolt' stalled tax debate

The Koch Brothers' political network is preparing to ensure their vision for tax reform isn't lost in the increasing chaos consuming Trump's administration.

Kochs Unveil Campaign to 'Jolt' Stalled Tax Debate

The Koch Brothers' political network is preparing to spend millions of dollars to inject new urgency into the stalled tax debate.

Starbucks tests coffee ice as a new way to add a jolt to your latte

For an extra 80 cents, you won't have to worry about your Starbucks coffee getting watered down.

All The Modern Romeo & Juliet Retellings, Ranked

Odds are, you first read Romeo and Juliet in high school. But even if your ninth-grade self was reading Shakespeare’s words the first time, you already knew the entire story. That’s because everyone k...

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